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With over 30 years in the auger boring business we've made earthboring machines, boring heads and auger our passion.  We've developed some of the best auger boring machines around.  We use the highest grade material and components available to make equipment strong enough to take on your toughest bores.   One thing that puts Bor-It Mfg. ahead of our competitors is the unmatched quality and strength of our horizontal auger boring machines, auger and cutting heads.  Whatever you need to complete your underground boring job, Bor-It Mfg. will build it.  Bor-It Mfg. is the only company you need for augers, boring heads, auger drilling machines and accessories.  

We invite you to look through our website at our auger boring machines, augers, cutting heads and accessories that Bor-It Mfg. offers.  If you find yourself with any questions about our machinery, or the materials we use, please don't hesitate to call us at 800-289-6639



BOR-IT offers you the highest quality horizontal earthboring machines on the market today. Compare our specifications with any other unit you have used or are considering, and you will find the features offered by BOR-IT surpass the competition hands down. Fast, easy-handling, efficient, powerful and a unique split design; all are trademarks of BOR-IT quality.

Why choose Bor-It Auger Boring Machines:

  • Specialize in Horizontal Auger Boring - not the entire Underground Industry - which gives us the ability to focus on what works best for you.
  • Privately held company which entitles you to take your ideas and suggestions straight to the top.
  • Flexible and fast acting to fulfill you orders.
  • Over 30 years manufacturing Bor-It machines and accessories - most of which are still out working in the field.
  • Over 45 years of boring experience and always available to help.

Bor-It Manufacturing can help you get your job done right!


Bor-It Auger

Horizontal Auger - available in sizes 4" to 72" in diameter

Our full line of 4" through 72" diameter heavy-duty auger delivers the ultimate in long lasting dependability.  Constructed with 1026 DOM (Drawn over Mandrel) tube for uniform wall thickness throughout the length of tube.

  • 5/16" wall thickness for 2 1/4" hex
  • 1/2" wall thickness for 3" & 4" hex
  • 5/8" wall thickness for 5" hex

We use overlapping flights made from domestic A-36 prime plate, 3/8" thick with an option of 1/2" thick flite.  Bor-It Augers are welded on both sides of the flite for extra strength.  The shanks are heat treated/hardened high tensile alloy steel hex material which provides greater strength and longer life.  Close tolerances between the male and female hexes adds additional strength.

Hex sizes from 1 3/8" to 5" are available.  Our auger is compatible with other brands in the field.

The Bor-It Auger is unmatched in quality and strength.



Cutting Heads

BOR-IT High Performance Cutting Heads

For over 30 years, contractors have trusted Bor-It Mfg. to provide the highest quality cutting heads for their critical applications.  Bor-It cutting heads are engineered to meet your demanding tolerances and are built with the best materials available.  For the longest lasting and most durable heads available, you can count on Bor-It to save you time and money.  Most styles available from 4" up to 72" diameter.  1 3/8" hex to 5" hex drive available


Bor-It Cutting Head and Auger Accessories

Bor-It offers a complete range of accessories to maximize the use and value of our high quality cutting heads and augers.  Available from stock are lead screws, core screws, cutting blades, carbide chippers and teeth as well as hex adapters, bushings, and shanks. We also offer a Remote Elevation Indicator to help you stay on grade.

M3 Handy Auger

Our small M3 Handy Auger is an affordable, convenient, and fast tool to complete approimately 3" OD bores with. This auger tool is great for use when running pipe, conduit, etc., in tight spots, such as under a sidewalk.

Simply and easily use an electric impact, heavy duty drill, or ratchet to drive the auger. Auger flighting cuts through roots and expels dirt with ease. While the carbide tipped lead screw guides the auger for a true and level bore.

Manufactured in the USA with top quality domestic materials this auger tool will perform for years.

Make ease of your tricky small utility bores with Bor-It's M3 Handy Auger!

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Used Equipment

We have a customer looking to sell his 2008 Model 36 machine along with various heads and 18" & 24" auger.  Please contact us for further information.  [email protected] or 800-289-6639


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