High Performance Cutting Heads

For over 20 years, contractors have trusted Bor-It Mfg to provide the highest quality cutting heads for their critical applications. Bor-It cutting heads are engineered to meet your demanding tolerances and are built with the best materials available. For the longest lasting and most durable heads available, you can count on Bor-It to save you time and money.

Combination Cutting Heads
The Combination Head is ideal for sand, dirt, clay, and soft shale applications. This is the consummate general purpose style head.

Replaceable carbide teeth and chippers
  for long life and performance
Wingcutters will over-cut for casing
  and provide for easy access to the head
Head diameters from 4" up to 72"
1-1/8" to 5" Hex drive available


cutting heads
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Heavy-Duty Rock Heads
These tough, field proven heads utilize a “V” shape to provide self-centering action which helps maintain line and grade. Featuring easily replaceable carbide tipped “bullet” style teeth, these heavy duty heads are ideal for boring through solid rock of medium hard formations.

Ideal for solid rock applications
Replaceable carbide “bullet” teeth
  and holders
“V” shape provides self centering action
Head diameters from 4" up to 72"
1-1/8" to 5" Hex drive available

Flat Face Rock Heads

Flat Face Rock Heads are the perfect solution for those difficult jobs where mixtures of rock, clay and maybe even boulders are encountered. Our unique flat design does not make this head as aggressive as the Heavy Duty head, but it does allow for the teeth to keep them-selves cleaned out to keep cutting.

Ideal for soil mixtures of rock and clay
Replaceable carbide “bullet” teeth
  and holders
Designed for teeth self-cleaning
Head Diameters from 10" to 72"
1-5/8" to 5" Hex drive

Rollercone Heads
For solid rock over 8,000 psi, this is the head for you. Made from either carbide tips or button bits, these heads are built to handle your hardest rock bores. These heads come standard with a hex adapter and stabilizer

Ideal for solid rock harder than 8,000 psi
Head diameters from 4" to 72"
1-5/8" to 5" Hex drive

Dirt Cutting Heads
The Dirt Head is great for soft soil conditions. It is solidly built to assure the most outstanding, long lasting performance.

Replaceable lead snout, blade & chippers
Available 4" to 12" diameter
1-1/8" hex to 3" hex available






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